Experiential Workshops and Retreats (Available on request)

Experiential Workshops and Retreats (Available on request)

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Experiential workshops and retreats of various durations focused on reconnecting with the beauty that lies in the space between and beyond words. Opportunity for deep personal reflection and awakening of one's natural attention, clarity, and capacity to listen deeply and with ease. 

Highly Interactive exercises and reflective tasks invite participants to experiment with a different way of being that can support choosing peace instead of conflict and help naturally reduce dissatisfaction, heated arguments, negative criticism, uneasiness and what blocks congruent living.

Suitable for Leadership Development, Peace building, Social Development initiatives, Couple and family retreats, Team Building, Continuous Professional and Personal development of Managers, Counsellors or other Helping professionals.

Facilitators: William Hernández & Soti Grafanaki, Ph.D.

Venue:  On-site or at the organizer's preferred location.

Language: English, Spanish, Greek (or other languages with an interpreter)

Duration: Varied from 4 hours (half day) to 4 day retreats. 

Price: Available on request (please select the buy button and the facilitators will contact you by email to discuss your requirements and timelines)


About the Facilitators

William Hernández has more than 30 years of experience in Management and Social Development. He is the Executive Director of a non-profit, social development organization, whose mission is to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups in Ecuador. Soti Grafanaki, Ph.D., C.Psychol. has been involved in group facilitation and training of helping professionals for 20 years. She is a Professor of Psychotherapy at Saint Paul University in Canada. Since 2012, William and Soti have combined their experience and expertise to study the natural pause and its impacts on personal and community interactions. They have run together numerous workshops and retreats in Europe, South and North America.