The Natural Pause - A Path to Peace  (Softcover Edition)  Also  available at Apple Books

The Natural Pause - A Path to Peace (Softcover Edition) Also available at Apple Books

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The Natural Pause is a book about reconnecting with a forgotten, inner resource that holds the potential for a profound change in one’s interactions and ways of being in the world. Through field observations, anecdotes, empirical evidence and well-tested experiential exercises, the authors present the impact of the natural pause on personal and community wellbeing and its capacity to pave a simple path to peace. 

The Natural Pause makes people stop and listen - both to each other, and to themselves. This book shows how just a simple pause holds the potential to change the world inside and around us.

It is a valuable companion and practical resource for professionals, who want to enable people to pause and listen and find a new path to peace building and sustainable wellbeing.

Format:  Softcover,  6x9", 110 pages.  

NOW available as an iBook at Apple Bookstore $19.99 USD

About the Authors

William Hernández has more than 30 years of experience in Management and Social Development. He is the Executive Director of a non-profit, social development organization, whose mission is to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups in Ecuador. Soti Grafanaki, Ph.D., C.Psychol. has been involved in group facilitation and training of helping professionals for 20 years. She is a Professor of Psychotherapy at Saint Paul University in Canada. Since 2011, William and Soti have combined their experience and expertise to study the natural pause and its impacts on personal and community interactions.